School Technology Policy

Digital citizenship, responsibility and leadership is an important part of what we help students learn at school. Students need to cultivate a positive digital footprint. As technology has expanded at an astounding rate, so have the implications related to safety, privacy, and intrusion. Staff will continue to support the effective and appropriate use of technology in the classroom.

Cell Phone Policy - Bell to Bell - No Cell

Students who bring cell phones or similar devices to school are expected to put them way from 9:20 - 3:40 p.m. This means that cell phones are left in lockers, in backpacks, or stored in teachers' desks, and are not to be kept in desks or taken out at recess. We recognize that cell phones may be part of a safety plan for students before and after school. During the school day, parents can always communicate important messages by calling the school office.

Home and Off-School Use:

  1. School administration will determine whether home or other off-school usse of the internet and other electronic devices is a school matter, depending on its impact on school climate.

  2. School administration may consider factors such as: evidence that the person(s) who have been threatened or intimidated are impaired in their ability to learn at school; whether the off-school conduct has negatively impacted the moral tone of the school, and whether it affects school safety.

  3. If a student uses the internet and other technologies to threaten, harass, or demean another member(s) of the school community AND these actions interfere with the member's safety and ability to function while at school, the student will be subject to HPEDSB policies and procedures, including possible suspension/expulsion.

Bring Your Own Device (Grade 6 - 8 Students):

We want to inform you about an exciting opportunity for our grade 6 - grade 8 students to use their personal laptops or chromebooks in class.

Here are key things to consider - 

1) Connectivity: Our school provides secure Wi-Fi access to ensure a safe and controlled environment for educational purposes.

2) Purpose: Devices brought to school will be used for educational purposes, including research, online assignments, and collaborative projects. Social media and gaming during school hours will not be allowed. 

3) Responsibility: Students are responsible for the care and security of their devices. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

We will supply devices for students who may need them. Our fundraising goal over the next school year or two is to a 1:1 ratio of chromebooks to students in grades 6 - 8. Stay tuned for more information.

The school is not responsible for students' personal electronic devices in the event of loss, damage or theft.

Videos and Photos:

This is a friendly reminder that parents and guardians are not to take photographs or videos while students are on the yard as these almost always include images of other students. Thank you for your assistance with this.